The world's first Hybrid Role Playing Game


Nemundir is the First World of a crystal-punk multiverse, parallel to our actual world, which they only call Primundir. Nemundir has a colorful flora & fauna, an extensive history and many different races, from your familiar characters (dwarves, elves) to fascinating newcomers to the realm of games, like the divine Ahanlas, the astounding Meneruths or the slaykin dwelling in the darkness. You can play through the lifecycle of any of the creatures in different factions from birth to death, and - eventually - resurrection. The world of Nemundir is still expanding as we speak. There are whole new worlds and dimensions being discovered. Dare you explore them, or even create them?


Nemundir is a table-top RPG with a spin: Gameplay will be aided with an app for generating characters, conducting battles and save your progress. You may all be familiar with the interface of Digital RPGs already. we brought the concept into a tabletop game, amalgamating the Old and the New into Hybrid. Of course it can be played anywhere without any gadget the traditional way: pen and paper. We nod to the veterans who ditch all kinds of gadgets, but we also cherish youngsters who are longing for technology. The Nemundir Application will lift up the burdens of sluggish gameplay. It will feature: quick character generation, built-in battle calculations, saving your progress into the cloud and sync it back with offline game, and many more!


Take that "im" out of "impossible"!

If you are fascinated to see what the world of Nemundir can offer (or what You can offer to Nemundir), help us bring it to life internationally by making a pledge on our Kickstarter page!

Apart from releasing the core book & the first expansion book (the Book of Crypts) internationally and bringing the multi- platform application to life, the future holds several other ways to get the world of Nemundir and our reality closer to each other:

Just imagine, if...

You could strengthen yourself And your character by using a SmartWatch during your workout, tracking your process

Based on your physical location, you could merge - or destroy - factions with your crew

A Nemundir card game could be a part of your mission on the go (not your ordinary card game at all)

Augmented Reality played a part of your real-life game experience

And there are many more, to be revealed with time!

ART of Nemundir

Take a glimpse into the Nemundir multiverse. Careful, though! They can also see you from there...

About Us

We are an indie game developer team based in Europe

Writer, publisher, musician, dreamer, creator of Nemundir. He graduated at Metropolitan University of Budapest as a media designer. Lecturer of TEDxYouth Budapest. Check out his video on Youtube about making the world of Nemundir!

"He is a talanted Concept Artist, he draw many character illustrations and the cards of the magic system."
Her motivation in life is the constant creation. She joined to Nemundir in july 2016 as the talented concept artist.
He is not a man of words but of deeds, his 3d models talk more instead. 4 years in 3d design, and countless hours of playing games are behind his back.

She is a talented concept artist.

She is a super-talented concept artist. She created many character arts. You can find more art from her, here:

He create amazing city scapes and charaters. He is a big Star Wars fan and university student of ELTE University.

She is a great Dungeon Master and a very talanted concept artist.

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    Hungary, Budapest