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Tabletop role-playing game with hybrid features

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About the hybrid features of this unique tabeltop role-playing game

Hybrid RPG is the missing link between the popular computer-based digital role-playing games, and tabletop role-playing games. You may all be familiar with the interface of cRPGs already. We brought the concept into a tabletop game.

Hybrid system: the future of tabletop role-playing games

Our most important goal with the creation of this game system is to preserve the social community experience of tabletop games, while also taking advantage of the transparent, comfortable interface of computer games. There are three ways to play the hybrid roleplay:

  • In analogue tabletop mode
  • In half-digital mode
  • In complete digital mode

This means that the character sheets are always available on the application, ensuring a more colourful and transparent interface for the players. The other feature helps the story-teller, who gets the opportunity to also create adventures digitally. By inviting the players they can manage the whole game from the interface. Thanks to this, the Game Master is able to oversee every situation better, without having to deal with smaller rules as the system makes calculations for them or indicates when something unexpected happens.

About the Game System

Dice of the System

The system uses 3 types of dice: d6, d10 and d20. However, you need two of the d10 because some rolls require you to roll them at the same time.

Easy to learn

The system is based on nine attributes, many different skills, and an influence system. The players are able to reckon with any risks before a dice check. Moreover, character sheet expansions help players use martial art or magic subsystems.

Diverse customization opportunities

For better character building there are numerous possibilities in the character developement system. Players can choose between focusing on skills or influence.

Much easier in digital mode

In completely digital mode the story-teller can oversee the whole story in the application. The story-teller can show players the different positions on digitally enhanced maps. The simulation of the combats and the calculations are done by the program itself.

The world behind the dice

Discover a world full of secrets, magic, beauty but also corruption, lies and lust for power.

What happens when magic-based technology evolves to the point where it becomes part of everyday life? What questions are raised if magic becomes a mere empirical element for scientists and thus loses its mystical character? How many new conflicts will arise if crystals capable of storing and using magical energy are no longer the main raw material not only for states but also for companies?

These are some of the questions that arise in relation to the world of Nemundir, which is predominantly populated by a modern, technologically advanced, magic-using society. The population is made up of different races. In addition to humans, there are Elnirs, Dorgons and special species such as the Meneruth, who can alter the shape of glass with their thoughts. The customs of the intelligent races interact strongly with each other, giving rise to a very diverse culture within a state.

A modern civilization of magical technologies

Although the society is as modern as ours, with all its blessings and curses, the different classes are equally divided. As a result, the benefits of technological progress do not reach everyone. Different social inequalities create tensions similar to those in our world. In some states, there is greater prosperity and less of this kind of antagonism between inhabitants, while in others the public mood is much worse, and this is certainly reflected in the streets.

Political corruption and the lobbying power of companies rich in new technologies permeate the decision-making process. Even in the richest countries, politics has a stake, only there it is not about the welfare of their own citizens or about the exploitation of their wealth, but rather about the games of great powers. In some places, wealth makes citizens less concerned about abuses, while in others, high levels of social sophistication and a solid legal system make it difficult for corrupt politicians and tax-evading businessmen to get away with it.

In terms of the technologies used, it is much harder to find parallels between our world and Nemundir. On the one hand, many of our technologies are beyond the ability of some individuals to alter the laws of physical reality simply by focusing their minds or by invoking other, unworldly forces. On the other hand, the lack of information and computer technological achievements may make it seem more backward. Tools that provide general living comforts, such as refrigerators, ovens, city sewerage systems and public transport, are as natural there as they are here. Mobile communications or satellite tracking systems, however, do not exist. At least not at the level we know it. Some people can use magic to create illusions more real than our entertainment devices. So it is difficult to compare the scientific sophistication of the two civilisations in general. What is certain is that they are advanced, far from being ancient or medieval, or even comparable to the age of colonialism. Rather, one has to imagine a civilisation after the second industrial revolution, close to the nuclear age, before the information revolution.

Our worlds are connected, we are connected!

Join the fight for the fate of this marvelous multiverse!

A multiverse essentially means that there is not just one universe, but several. And travel between these universes is possible in certain ways. From the creation myth, it is possible to learn in detail how the 69 worlds that make up the multiverse around Nemundir came to be. Next to Nemundir, the other most important central world is Primundir, which is none other than our own universe of Earth.

The player-controlled characters are all individuals who have reached a point in their lives where they have the opportunity to have a say in the history of the civilisation around them. The game told by the narrators is therefore the story of these characters. They are the heroes or anti-heroes, the martyrs or tyrants, the ones who determine the fate of Nemundir. Create a new character and join a faction in Nemundir or Primundir and learn more about these worlds. Or you can tell stories as a game master and shape the fate of characters and many worlds.

Try the hybrid role-playing game mockup

If you want to try out the user interface our upcoming hybrid system, click here and visit our Invison mockup. It is not yet a finished application, but it provides a brief insight into our vision.

More Features

The chapters in a character's life

The system lets players bring their character back from the dead and continue the story as an undead character. This means that a character can experience an epic timeline spanning through lifecycles: You can start as a kid, grow up, become a hero and take up a whole different path after death and undead-resurrection. Have you ever played an undead character who was a kid at the beggining of a campaign?

Influence system

The character’s influence has a given default value based on their family background or chosen faction. As the character is developing, it can acquire more and more influence in different social groups. This influence can be used in many ways, from gathering information to even bribery or blackmail. The option of choosing a tool in the given network system depends on how much influence they gathered in a given social group.

All-in-One digital system support

From character generation to preparing for game sessions, from managing characters to playing the game, this system supports the tabletop role-playing system. This way it is possible to fill the gap between subsequent game sessions, using crafting skills, learning, or doing side quests. The well thought-out user interface makes the mobile application easy to use for beginners.

Modding and sharing

The fully digital system allows different house rules to be converted into mods and to be easily shared. This allows you to create your very own worlds and campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about the Nemundir system

  • At the moment we are working on the starter set, and the new prototype of the application. This is only the beginning of the road, we will check in with new updates soon.

  • No, the game will also be playable as a normal tabletop role-playing game. However, printed copies of the core books will only be available through crowdfunding campaigns.

  • The app will be available in major appstores and will also include the starter books. In addition, the starter set will be available for download on the major tabletop role-playing sites.

  • The starter set contains two books: One 120-page Player's book, and one 100-page Game Master's book.
    In the starter set you can find the following playable content:

    • 6 playable, pre-made characters
    • 2 natural magics
    • 1 Celestial magic
    • The highest available connection level is not capped but the highest level of magic is limited, and the skills are presented up to intermediate level.
    • Starter episode adventure module.

  • The first books will be about the world of Nemundir. Later books will show the relationship between Nemundir and the civilisations of Earth.

  • After the release of the starter set, the following books will introduce the full world and conflicts of Nemundir. They will cover the content of the Hungarian rulebook, originally published in 2007. This will be followed by the content of the Book of Crypts published in 2010, which will give the opportunity to create undead characters. The book about our world will only be published afterwards.


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